Drinking water can cure the disease will no longer be a legend
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In 20 patients, less than 1 liter of "water" per day, serum total cholesterol decreased after 10 weeks, and apolipoprotein was significantly reduced. In general, it is expected to treat or prevent metabolic syndrome such as type 2 diabetes, hyperlipidemia and hypertension by drinking "water". This is the research result published by Professor Qin Shucun of the Institute of Atherosclerosis of Taishan Medical College at the China Healthcare International Exchange Promotion Association and the China Medical Journal sponsored by the 2013 Hydrogen Molecular Medicine Application Research Forum.

The "water" mentioned above refers to saturated hydrogen water (also called hydrogen-rich water). This has achieved a breakthrough in the lack of clinical research by Chinese scholars in the field of hydrogen molecular medicine. It not only proves that hydrogen-rich water has therapeutic effects on metabolic syndrome, but also analyzes the mechanism of this therapeutic effect from various angles.

According to Sun Xuejun, author of Hydrogen Molecular Biology and professor of the Second Military Medical University, the medical application research of hydrogen is a hot spot in international medical biology research. Hydrogen is a new type of selective antioxidant and ideal anti-inflammatory substance. It is supposed to play a role in delaying aging and relieving inflammation. Hydrogen is expected to become a new means of clinical treatment and health care. Among them, drinking saturated hydrogen water (hydrogen-rich water) is one of the most commonly used methods, and it is also an ideal means at present.

Saturated hydrogen water, as the name implies, is water that is nearly saturated with hydrogen. Due to the complicated production process and technology of saturated hydrogen water, China has not been involved in the field of hydrogen water production. The reporter of the 2013 Hydrogen Molecular Medicine Application Research Forum learned that the production standard of the first hydrogen-rich water enterprise in China has been approved by the government for filing, which means that China has the ability to produce hydrogen-rich water by itself. According to Shi Yang, chief engineer of Beijing Vitality Hydrogen Biotechnology Co., Ltd., the production technology has already applied for patents to the state, and the products developed are leading in key indicators such as hydrogen content and stability.

At the meeting, Professor Sun Xuejun from the Second Military Medical University, Vice President Qin Shucun from the Taishan Medical College, Dr. Chen Feng from the General Hospital of the People's Liberation Army, and Dr. Xie Keliang from the General Hospital of Tianjin Medical University made a research report on the subject of hydrogen molecular medicine. Chinese scholars are important scientific research achievements in the field of hydrogen molecular medicine.

Among them, Professor Sun Xuejun on "Research and Prospects of Hydrogen Medicine Research at Home and Abroad", Vice President Qin Shucun on "Clinical Application and Mechanism of Hydrogen Water in Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease", Department of Anesthesiology, Tianjin Medical University General Hospital Dr. Xie Keliang's research progress and application prospects of hydrogen in clinical critical illness, Director Xia Chunxiang of Huai'an Fourth People's Hospital of Jiangsu Province on "Clinical Application of Hydrogen Water in Chronic Hepatitis B" and Dr. Chen Feng of PLA General Hospital on "Hydrogen" Experimental study on the inhibition of abdominal aortic aneurysm formation and mechanical risk assessment" Four research reports were unanimously recognized and praised by the participating experts.

The China Medical Association, relevant leaders of the Chinese Medical Journal, and many medical experts from all over the country attended the conference. More than 60 well-known media such as Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, CCTV, Beijing TV, Guangming Daily and Ta Kung Pao participated in the conference and made the theme tracking report in the first time.

At the "Chinese Hydrogen Molecular Biology Effect and Medical Transformation Application Symposium" held in Shanghai not long ago, experts from medical and scientific research institutions confirmed the role of hydrogen in the treatment of various diseases. Experts say that hydrogen treatment will lead to new ideas in the medical field.

At the academic meeting, Dr. Yu Pan from the General Hospital of Nanjing Military Region demonstrated the results of the "Therapeutic effect of hydrogen on diabetic skin lesions": Rats with severe diabetes, large-scale ulceration and shedding, after several weeks of hydrogen water injection Rehabilitated, the fur is intact. It is reported that scholars including China, the United States, Germany and other countries are conducting scientific explorations using hydrogen to treat diseases.

According to reports, the Institute of Geriatrics of Japan Medical University is the first scientific research institution to carry out hydrogen biology research in the world. In 2007, the research group led by Professor Sun Xuejun of the Second Military Medical University took the lead in the field. Sun Xuejun said that many human diseases are related to oxidative damage caused by excessive reactive oxygen species. Hydrogen has the advantage of selectively neutralizing toxic reactive oxygen species such as hydroxyl radicals. This is the internationally recognized treatment of diseases against hydrogen peroxide damage. Theoretical basis.

Sun Xuejun said that preliminary clinical studies have shown that hydrogen has therapeutic effects on brainstem ischemia, Parkinson's disease, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, quality of life of chemoradiotherapy, and gout. A large number of animal studies have shown that hydrogen is on the brain, A variety of tissue and organ damage such as the spinal cord and 70 important diseases such as diabetes, arteriosclerosis, malignant tumors, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases can play a role in treatment and improvement.

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